Our Story

How we started:

Bluetree was created by Kevin and Steve Aoki because they needed to eat healthy due to the demanding working life they both had. They were both been getting older and decided they needed to start eating healthy. They noticed that it's hard to get healthy foods and juices that is organic and fresh. So they decided to create Bluetree so they can share these healthy holistic lifestyle with other customers who is looking for it as well.

Bluetree is dedicated to help each customers achieve a life fully balanced by proper nutrition. Our commitment is we try to source our produce locally and organically and never use GMO products. We believe in making the best possible product and use glass bottles to protect the customers from harmful chemicals from plastic bottles. Also, at the same time, to promote recycling that helps the earth instead of throwing away plastic bottles in landfills.


In 1942 my grandfather, Yunosuke Aoki opened a small coffee shop in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. As a tap dancer finding a job during the war was difficult. After the war he dedicated himself to his coffee shop, a natural endeavor thanks to his samurai heritage. Yunosuke served his customers on those difficult times by bicycling ten miles every morning to get sugar rations, which he provided for free in his shop.

Yunosuke Aoki

This shop was named "Benihana" for the wild red flower that grew along the building. He made a living from the shop, but also "made friends by serving food", an admirable mission for one with an entertainer's heart. His son (and my father) Rocky Aoki brought the same spirit to America when he opened his own restaurant, also named "Benihana".

Rocky Aoki
Aoki Brothers

I opened Bluetree to honor my grandfather's enterprising spirit. The name of the cafe, Bluetree, translates to Aoki in Japanese, a testament of respect for my grandfather. We are honored to serve you and are committed to continue the legacy of service exemplified by my ancestors.

-Kevin Aoki